Search Optimization

Optimizing your business’s website to be found on Google and other search engines is no longer just optional.  But knowing this and actually doing something about it are very different matters:

  • The nuances of search optimization can involve a long and steep learning curve.
  • Search optimization is not a one-shot task.  It involves sustained effort over a long period of time.
  • Optimization best-practices are ever-changing. It requires continual learning and iterating your website.

Here are some things we do when we optimize our client’s website for search engines:

Clean Website Design

Google knows that people like well-designed websites, so it will check your website in a number of particular ways. We make sure that Google and other search engines will perceive the site as well designed.

Optimized for Mobile

Customers are increasingly viewing webpages using their mobile devices rather than a desktop computer. Google knows this and will penalize websites that are not designed for a good mobile experience.

Well Secured

To protect people who are searching, Google will downgrade websites that do not incorporate good security practices within their site.

Account for Accessibility

There is a growing awareness that many users have physical challenges that may make viewing web content difficult.  We design sites that take visual and other disabilities into account.

Optimized for Speed

People using the web have short attention spans.  Google knows this and downgrades sites that load slowly.  We measure website performance at design time and on an ongoing basis to make sure it is loading efficiently.

Keyword Research

This is the process of discovering words and phrases that your potential customers will use in search engines to seek out your business. Optimizing your website around those terms will make it more discoverable.

© 2020 3 Rivers Business Design

Bend, Oregon

© 2020 3 Rivers Business Design

Bend, Oregon